Coffee Fix

I had a busy day filled with personal errands and work-related tasks. I was able to finish them all by late afternoon, so I drove to UP to have some coffee and a pain au chocolat at Nomu.


Then, I watched The Cleaners, a feature film from the Active Vista Film Festival at UP Film Cine Adarna. It was a gripping documentary about the outsourced content moderators working in BPO’s in the Philippines. Having worked in a BPO for more than five years myself, I can say that I have experienced the unhealthy effects of outsourcing, even if I did not exactly work as a content moderator. I have experienced wrath, anger, and racist remarks from customers overseas. Watching the negative effects which these content moderators had to go through as cleaners for Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube was excruciating. And yet, they were doing their jobs as cyber cleaners to provide a better future for their families.

I consider myself fortunate that I can afford to leave the BPO industry. I am hoping to be part of the academe soon, where the environment is more dynamic and forgiving.

Documentaries help me process my own life. To have a warm pastry and coffee along with the films I watch is sheer bliss.

I hope that you will also watch films that have social relevance, and have your favorite snack to make things sweeter.

Steak Dinner with my BFF

I had a lovely steak dinner with my high school BFF Luti last night. We chose Steak to One because we also wanted to check out the weekend bazaar after our meal. 

We chose well! Our porterhouse steaks were delicious and even the iced tea was refreshingly good.  


For dessert, I had Malagos chocolate ice cream from Papa Diddi’s. 


Sometimes, we just need one friend who believes in us, and yummy comfort food to nourish us during tough times. May you also find that friend in your life, and may you continue to seek food that not only makes you full, but happy as well. 

First Day Showing

I watched Exes Baggage starring Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban yesterday. I have been a fan of their love team since I was a teenager, and their reunion movie was just perfect. I laughed, cried, and cheered along with the packed cinema on that beautiful ending. I hope that this won’t be their last movie together because their chemistry onscreen is remarkable. 


I had this peaches and chocolate ice cream crepe from Crazy Crepes. It is one of my go-to dessert places, and it never disappoints. I savored my chilly lunch while processing the movie I watched all by myself. 


Then, I finished crocheting this infinity scarf which I made using two shades of millennial pink. 


Here’s to feeling the burn of the past and celebrating simple joys in the present! I look forward to better beginnings soon. 

Comfort Brunch

Yesterday, I was feeling down because I had a difficult conversation with a good friend of mine. It was challenging for me to point out some painful truths to her, but it was worth the effort as we both understood what went wrong. Even if I was the one who had the upper hand, it was still uncomfortable to discuss things with a friend, especially since she is the sensitive type. However, sometimes these conversations are necessary to ensure that the people we love address their concerns. I promised myself a hearty brunch after that discussion. 

I delivered that promise to myself in the form of corned beef and talangka brown rice from my usual, Breakfast Bin. 


For dessert, I walked to Papa Diddi’s for corn and strawberry x double chocolate ice cream scoops.  


It was dreamy to eat it next to this charming Underwood typewriter, which is still functioning well according to the staff! 


I then proceeded to Human Nature to buy some necessities and have some of their in-house brewed coffee, Cafe Lugud! They have free-flowing coffee for all of their customers. I usually bring my own reusable tumbler and have a cup or two after shopping.  


I had a fulfilling day, even if it did not begin on an easy note. I am continuously working on myself, and being a good friend is one of the hats that I strive to wear. Of course, I should love myself before I can even be a friend to anyone. This is why I constantly find ways to improve, so that I can always say that I love being me!

Galentine’s Day

I had dinner with my girl friend Chesca on Valentine’s Eve. We checked out 150 Maginhawa and we both had a lovely dinner. She had a Chinese rice bowl, while I had another meal in mind.


I had this beef burrito rice bowl from Molcajete, and it was delicious!


Then, I had this Davao Tablea chocolate cake from Wadough’s, the cafe from the MMFF 2017 tearjerker All of You starring Jennylyn Mercado.

Oh God, it was to die for. 


Meanwhile, Chesca had this chocolate ice cream cloud from Up in the Clouds. 


I also had my photo taken by the pretty wall. 


We then proceeded to Grape Escape for some red wine and catching-up.  


It was a fun and laidback Galentine’s Day with one of my favorite gals! Til next time!