Day 8: Lay Day

I appreciate that today is a break from the usual topics we have in the #15DaysOfWritingTrue class. We are tackling the very real ordeal called Writer's Block which can be caused by burnout, among other things. I used to experience it myself, until I put up this website and realized that writing can be a daily discipline. I picked a specific time each day (8am!) and wrote, no matter what. This everyday habit has banished my writer's block for good and maybe daily writing might help for you too. However, I do realize that enriching our lives in a holistic manner is more important than any discipline or writing technique. After all, we need meaningful experiences to draw from in order to produce quality work. I have previously shared about my habit of being thankful, and this has greatly motivated me to count my blessings and maximize my resources in order to have richer moments, memories, and lessons.


I started my day with cheap coffee from 7-Eleven. I love buying my daily brew from there because I could see the arabica beans being ground and I love hearing the whole process. The multi-sensory experience magically wakes me up, along with the smell of my piping hot cuppa. I commenced my other e-course, Writing True and published my first output before checking out what my Day 8 assignment for #15DaysOfWritingTrue is. I have already fired up my brain so the productive break was a welcome distraction. I ate my breakfast and continued sipping my coffee. I listened to classical music and just felt so thankful to be alive, to be early at work, and to be in good health. I also realized how integrated my whole creative journey is and shared it so that others may learn from it. 

For me, taking another writing course alongside this one is effective in honing my skill and discipline. My daily coffee run has also helped awaken not just my tired and sleepy self, but my imagination as well (did you know that eavesdropping in busy places can trigger writing ideas? Just make sure you do it legally and discreetly, okay?). Lastly, having my own website has enabled me to have full accountability for all my posts and this has inspired me to write, write, and write.

Live your life around your passion while never forgetting your purpose. I assure you, everything will be all write.