My New E-Course: Writing Room


I can really say that this period in my life, my NOW, is definitely the most growth-intensive time of my life so far.

It all began when I was hired in my current job only a month ago. I was adjusting to my non-teaching officer role in a university when I discovered I have enough free time to pursue my passions. I am a bibliophile, so I immediately signed-up for a staff library membership and devoured books one after the other. It was a blissful beginning, but I felt that I could use my downtime at work in pursuing my other passion, writing. I still had no idea how this would go about, so I went on Instagram and visited my friend Airees' online page.

Airees is one of my favorite people in the creative industry. She is a mom and social entrepreneur, and I recalled having read that she took a course with Arriane Serafico. From her testimonial, it seemed that this course propelled her to pursue her passion full-time without compromising her other priorities. I then visited Arriane's site and was blown away by her diverse channels of teaching goal-setting, creative entrepreneurship, and simply going after your one true passion. I started with her podcast, The Purposeful Creative and I was hooked. She spoke in practical terms and shared a lot about her personal experience of leaving a job she loved at one of my favorite social enterprises, Rags2Riches, in order to teach the principles of passion + purpose full-time. I joined the podcast's Facebook group and discovered this sisterhood which allowed me to immerse myself in an environment that fosters new ideas and creative pursuits. I enrolled in Arriane's Braver Goalsa goal-setting e-course which changed my life to say the least. I found myself actually accomplishing the workbook, religiously updating my Courage Journal, and doing the exercises. The curriculum is manageable and did not interfere with my work at all. I then realized that this is it. If I can complete an e-course while balancing my full-time job and well, adulting, then I can write again. 

I decided to join 15 Days of Writing True, a writing course facilitated by the awesome Sofia Cope and Camille Pilar. Sofia is a self-branding and artistic expression teacher, while Camille surfs, teaches creative writing, and makes badass coffee in La Union. I loved their combo so I enrolled in their course. I was initially skeptical about the curriculum. I mean, how could 15 days change my writing trajectory? Man, I was so wrong. 

By the first week of #15DaysOfWritingTrue, I was hooked. The Facebook group was the ideal venue to share my assignments and everyone was so supportive. I put up this website to house my written output and it basically solved the classic new blogger's dilemma of producing the initial content. I was so into it, that I even shared my work on The Purposeful Creative's Facebook page. I enjoyed writing everyday and like Camille, I commenced my own 100 Days Project, which I have also included in this website. I committed myself to produce one written work for the next 100 days. The best thing about putting up my own website is that I have a sense of accountability because I have my own venue to present my work. It's no longer a free blog. It's already a paid site, which gives me the adult feel. Turns out, acquiring my own domain has solved not just my self-perceived writer's block, but also my fear of sharing my work to others. 

I found out by accident (on Facebook's recommended events) that Testify was hosting a talk on snail mail. I grew up collecting stamps and sending out letters by mail so OMG I was so attending this. Turns out, my teacher Camille was the speaker! Fate brought me to this event on a Sunday night, and it turned out to be a charmed one. I wrote my blog entry while Camille and the cafe's owners were speaking on the importance of writing letters, and I was inspired. I did tell Camille during that night that it was weirdly good to meet her in person, and that sharing my work has helped me write like clockwork. I left the cafe knowing that I was not alone in this creative magic. 

photo from  Writing Room

photo from Writing Room

Upon reaching home, I got a response from Apple Nocom, a classmate in The Purposeful Creative. She said that she was also at Camille's talk but we were not able to say hi to each other! I explored her blog and discovered that she also has an e-course, Writing Room. It tacked the fundamental and technical aspects of creative writing, and I felt that I badly needed to hone my technique. My day job does not involve writing at all, so this was the perfect venue to improve my skill. After exchanging messages with her, I checked my savings account and enrolled. I just wrote my first output for her class and I'm hooked as well. It does not go against my 15 Days of Writing True course. In fact, they perfectly complement each other. I am integrating my assignments for Apple's course in my 100 Days Project.

photo from  Writing Room

photo from Writing Room

I am enjoying the spike in my learning curve, not just in writing (and basic web design), but in time management as well. It is not easy to balance my job and my passion project, but it is definitely doable. I hope that this blog will also inspire others to begin their own passion projects. In the future, I look forward to collaborating with other creatives in order to spice up each other's work and to help others learn.

I am also loving the fact that my groups operate similarly to co-working spaces in the sense that I was able to share my work with different segments and discover new ways of learning from other creatives.

Here's to more learning, writing, and just DOING!