Day 82: Word of Mouth


I enjoyed public speaking again after ten years during last night's Word of Mouth event. It is an invitational five-minute speech fest which is held once a month. Our theme was obsessions, and I spoke about being obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle because of my hypothyroidism. While I was daunted by the possibility of sharing the stage with athletes and a nation builder, I carried on with my speech because self-mastery after all is easier said than done. 


A was a dedicated photographer and loving date. He seemed to enjoy the evening, as all the speakers delivered moving personal stories onstage. The event ended earlier than expected and with a little help from the side-streets of Mandaluyong, we were able to swing by his uncle's birthday bash in Makati.  

It was a dinner of flavorful Indian food and familial company. I even got to dance impromptu with some talented belly dancers! It was freeing to do so after a speech and a belly full of curry.  

I am ushering in my unemployment with this evening of public speaking and partying with his side. I hope that this period will not last long. While I am at it, I will fill it with memorable experiences to make it worthwhile.

Day 81: Miracle


Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life? I have, and it was literally a sight to behold.

I started having really bad vision in elementary. By the time I was thirteen, my eye prescription for nearsightedness was 650 and 700. I had glasses which made a joke out of "ultrathin" lenses. At around the same time, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My life was an emotional roller coaster ride, as adolescence was naturally challenging. It was even more difficult as I had a chronic hormonal condition and I was nearly blind without my glasses.

My family toured Europe when I was fourteen, and one of the cities we visited was Lourdes, France. It was special because I am a Marian devotee. I was not expecting a miracle to happen to me, so I treated it as a normal holiday. It was after we got back to Manila that I experienced the best gift I could ever imagine.

I remember waking up in the morning and being able to read the time on the clock across my bedroom. That was weird, because I was not wearing my glasses yet. At that time, I was rocking the latest purple frames with clip-on shades, so I distinctly remember not wearing it. I read the time again and I examined my bedroom. I could clearly see! It was no joke and I could not believe it. The next few days was an overwhelmingly clear blur. I could see everything in HD. At first, I did not tell my parents yet, and they only assumed that I was wearing my contact lenses. Eventually, I shared to them what happened to me and they were overjoyed.

This miracle led to an obsession with defying my condition. I have hypothyroidism, which means that I am predetermined to be overweight. My 20/20 vision has made me believe that I could be more than the blurry lines of my life. Years of dieting and working out has led me to be fit and healthy for someone with hypothyroidism. I still have maintenance medication and it should be taken for life. Indeed, I am living proof that being obsessed with a miracle can lead to more inexplicable blessings.

I still have 20/20 vision, and while it is natural to eventually need reading glasses in the future, I am thankful that I can see clearly and that my faith has saved me several times. I always focus on possibilities and on all the effort I can exert. Hope can keep one adrift, but only faith can move mountains. I hope that you can believe in miracles because I am living proof that they are real.

Thank you.

Day 69: On the Hunt


I am currently jobhunting again. I resigned from my job because the program I am managing is going to eventually be dissolved. With no job security and a futile marketing plan, I have decided to end my tenure before things get more complicated. I am ending my stay here on a high note, with experience in setting up events and managing our incoming enrollment system. I am just rendering my transition period. 

I do not want to be bitter because life really throws you unpredictable curveballs, especially when you least excpect it. Good thing I trained myself to have a growth mindset and decided when enough is enough. I am not going to freeload myself in a program that is not going to last. Rather, I will plot my growth elsewhere, and I will exit my current position gracefully. 

I am thankful to have the chance to work in IT. I have built my website and began blogging during my stay here. I have taken the initiative to relearn writing during my downtime. I have also found my voice and rediscovered my unique style. Lastly, I learned to embrace my hypothyroidism and used my condition as a springboard for everything that I want to celebrate in life. 

I am optimistic that the future will be kinder to me. I am ensuring this by continuing my blog and wishing my department well. I hope to also stumble upon opportunities for growth and earning. It is my prayer that it will it take long for me before I can find a suitable job soon.  

Day 67: Consistency


In an age where there are endless forms of distractions to derail me from being fit, I aim for consistency. It is a challenging journey, because it is also acceptable to just let go. But I am not giving in. Rather, I choose to go all out with my efforts. 

I start my day with my morning prayers. I go on with my workout even if I am so sleepy. I carry on even if my joints refuse to cooperate. I will them to obedience. I have been doing this since I refused to let hypothyroidism rule me. I have befriended coffee and promised myself to eat right for my condition. Eventually, my efforts have paid off.  

But I am not being complacent. I cannot afford that, as hypothyroidism is a chronic condition. I have to aim for consistency. 

This daily journey has to be a consistent one, and it is keeping me grounded. I hope that I will remain faithful to it, and may the fruits of my efforts inspire me to carry on each day. 

Day 66: Finding My Flow

The past few days have been challenging. I have been adjusting to my normal thyroxine dosage and it has been causing me to be drowsy, slugging, and moody. I have also experienced some challenges in another aspect of life. I wish I could just press pause on life, but it does not happen that way. The hurtful part about reality is that the world will not stop turning just because we are overwhelmed. We should just go with the flow.

I am finding my flow now by praying, managing my emotions, and finishing what I have to submit. I am also preventing stress from escalating to something I cannot control. I also read and reflect on what I can do better moving forward. 

Finding my flow is the best way to stay productive. Mindful living cannot be achieved without strength and the courage to carry on. Let me just breathe...and go with the flow.