Day 66: Finding My Flow

The past few days have been challenging. I have been adjusting to my normal thyroxine dosage and it has been causing me to be drowsy, slugging, and moody. I have also experienced some challenges in another aspect of life. I wish I could just press pause on life, but it does not happen that way. The hurtful part about reality is that the world will not stop turning just because we are overwhelmed. We should just go with the flow.

I am finding my flow now by praying, managing my emotions, and finishing what I have to submit. I am also preventing stress from escalating to something I cannot control. I also read and reflect on what I can do better moving forward. 

Finding my flow is the best way to stay productive. Mindful living cannot be achieved without strength and the courage to carry on. Let me just breathe...and go with the flow.