Health First

Yesterday, I ate at SGD Coffee with my mom. I had the Sagada Omelette and SGD black, while my mom had chicken tocino. For dessert, I had a lemon square.
I am currently struggling with jobhunting, and I don’t have a lot of people to count on. Good thing my mom was free and she was able to treat me to a healthy lunch. Putting my health first amidst the demands of jobhunting and working freelance is my current priority, and that involves the food that I eat.
I’d say that I am currently winning on this aspect!


Knitting Black

I visited SGD Bodega again for some black coffee from Sagada and my favorite oatmeal cookie.  


The sunny cafe and open ambience inspired me to take out my needles and knit.  


Knitting while sipping black coffee is truly relaxing. I feel one with nature whenever I’m in this cafe.


I know that someday, I’ll knit in the mountains again.  

Making Mistakes

I recently finished making this crochet sampler featuring the alpine stitch. It was a few rows in before I realized that the stitch was not fun for me to execute. I knew then that I was only making a sampler, and not a scarf. And that’s okay. 

Making mistakes isn’t supposed to be some awful sentence. In fact, it is just a normal part of the journey. I made mistakes in the sense that I chose a stitch that I didn’t like, and the yarn I used was prone to knots. Now, I know which stitches to stick to, and what yarn will work best for my lifestyle. 

And if I will make mistakes, I know that learning from them makes it all worthwhile. It also wouldn’t hurt if I have a cup of Sagada coffee by my side.  

Here’s to more learning and awakening! 


Grip on Grit

Yesterday, I had breakfast at SGD Coffee in the Maginhawa area. I was reminded of the grit that is inherent in me, as I saw the bracelet on my stack. 


The cafe was a lovely tribute to the mountains in the middle of the summery city. 


I had my usual SGD black as I crocheted. 


I also got myself an oatmeal cookie. It was to die for. 


If you need strong coffee, and chunky oatmeal cookie, and a quiet space for working and reflecting, SGD is your best bet. Not an ad, I am simply a fan of the place. Do check it out soon!

Strawberry Ice Cream

These days, I usually begin my day with a workout.  If I am on the stationary bike, I like reading and knitting while doing some cardio. Yesterday was no exception as I read my ebook and knitted at the same time. 


Then, I had lunch with my BFF Jay, who’s a professor at UP. 


We went to SGD, where I had this yummy etag carbonara. 


And for dessert, I had this delicious Cordillera Strawberry Ice Cream. 


SGD never disappoints! 


I also got this magnet from my BFF, who was recently in Cebu. Thank you!  


I really want to have that carbonara, strawberry ice cream and SGD black coffee again. ‘Til next time!

Knitting Brunch

This morning and afternoon was a fun one. I began the day with a workout on my stationary bike. 

I worked out while knitting and reading!


I ate my favorite A.M. steak bowl at KFC.  


I also brisk-walked a bit at UP. It was there that I met up with my high school friend Luti for some church time at Pink Sisters and lunch.  


I am glad that my friend also likes serene spaces such as this one.  


We ate lunch at Breakfast Bin, where I had my usual toasted naked longganisa.  


It was delicious, as always.  


We then proceeded to SGD for coffee. Their SGD black never disappoints. It is also one of my preferred knitting spaces. 


It was fun to catch-up over prayer, food, coffee, and knitting with my friend. Looking forward to more happy Saturdays!

Black Coffee and Knitting

Yesterday was a laid back time for knitting. I stayed at SGD Coffee for my favorite SGD black. It was the perfect drink for some freestyle knitting. 


I love their full-bodied coffee and unpretentious ambience. They also have fast internet connection! 


I attempted to read while knitting too.  


After my solo coffee x knitting time, I met my Banaue Knitting Adventure tour mate-turned-friend Tricia (and her husband Cholo!) over coffee and pie at Pi Breakfast and Pies. I got the smash pie and brewed coffee. 


It was their yema pie and it was delicious! It was also lovely to catch-up with Tricia while knitting. 


I look forward to more afternoons for crafting, bonding with friends, and amazing coffee!