Making Mistakes

I recently finished making this crochet sampler featuring the alpine stitch. It was a few rows in before I realized that the stitch was not fun for me to execute. I knew then that I was only making a sampler, and not a scarf. And that’s okay. 

Making mistakes isn’t supposed to be some awful sentence. In fact, it is just a normal part of the journey. I made mistakes in the sense that I chose a stitch that I didn’t like, and the yarn I used was prone to knots. Now, I know which stitches to stick to, and what yarn will work best for my lifestyle. 

And if I will make mistakes, I know that learning from them makes it all worthwhile. It also wouldn’t hurt if I have a cup of Sagada coffee by my side.  

Here’s to more learning and awakening! 


Yarn and Healing

Yesterday, I had to sort out some personal challenges. After I got those out of the way, j rewarded myself with lunch at Embrace Cafe.

The cafe employs marginalized and disabled staff. I admired the staff’s positivity and excellent service, despite their circumstances. It is clear that they feel empowered at work.  

I had a delicious plate of carbonara and a cold glass of coffee jelly.  


I knitted and at the cafe for hours, so I ended up eating spaghetti for dinner there. 


Sometimes, I just need to be exposed to people who feel empowered with opportunities to know that I am also capable of improving my life. I know that I am doing my part, and with consistency, I will be one resilient woman.