Cut and Specs

Yesterday, I had my pixie trimmed at the affordable salon near my home. 


I feel renewed whenever I have my monthly haircut. I feel grateful for the support of my loved ones in this difficult time as I am still able to pamper myself within my means. 


I received some Starbucks top-up from my loved ones, so I was able to collect enough stickers for a 2019 planner. My solo coffee sojourns have provided me with clarity amidst the challenges that my family is currently facing. 


I also returned to Elait for some hand-rolled frozen yogurt. Their desserts are delicious, but even better than that is their advocacy, which is hiring deaf servers who whip up these awesome treats. 


I continued enjoying my Monday as I went to Barkin Blends Dog Cafe at SM North Towers to spend time with my favorite doggos. 


This is still my favorite dog cafe because the dogs are treated well. They are walked outdoors and they have enough food, water, and updated shots. Best of all, they are happy and trained to be sociable with human guests- even with kids!


I drove home feeling warm and fuzzy after spending time with the furbabies. So imagine my heightened happiness when I received news that my wish for a new pair of plastic specs has been granted by @dearsunniessanta, the social media gift-giving arm of my favorite eyewear brand, Sunnies Specs


I am grateful to everyone who are helping me get through the holidays now that my dad is terminally ill. Self-care is important as it enables me to provide better care to my loved ones. I am definitely loved and I will pass it on this holiday season and beyond!