World Vision Christmas Card

I have been a World Vision child sponsor for more than eleven years now. What started as a way to share part of my allowance to educate a child in need has become a cornerstone of my career. I am inspired to hustle smarter because I have a child to support. It is already enough for me that my girl is happy and healthy in school. What makes this journey even sweeter is that my girl is an honor student and pageant winner at that. 


Child sponsorship has profoundly changed me. From simply caring about myself, I have learned to see the bigger picture whenever I make decisions. I always factor in my sponsored child whenever I think of major milestones, such as getting a job or entering a relationship.

As the holidays are fast approaching, and we welcome a new year soon, I hope that I will make better decisions and enter more stable relationships. And I also hope that you will consider child sponsorship with World Vision today. This is not a sponsored post, as I am simply advocating for this worthy cause.

Thank you for following my charity journey, and I will continue sharing about my advocacies in this blog and in real life.