Day 64: Little Happy Things

Yesterday, I was feeling tired and stressed. My thyroxine dosage has recently been changed and brought back to my normal prescription, but my body is still adjusting to it. I was feeling the slump when I decided to snap out of it by buying handmade accessories in this season's color, millennial pink!

I always support handmade because there is so much heart and artistry that goes into each piece. I also buy local because it is my advocacy to support Filipino-made goods which are world-class. I think it is time that we perceive local goods to be at par with imported items. 


Having said that, I heard that Craft Central already has branches at SM North The Block and Vertis North. I dropped by both spots last night. Their Vertis North branch will have an in-house cafe and for now, it is just a kiosk with mostly calligraphy items on hand. Meanwhile, their The Block store is huge! If you have been to their Greenbelt branch, you will want to cry with all that space. It is airy, bright, and well-stocked with more brands. 


I bought these tassel earrings and rose quartz bracelet, which are handmade by Bedazzled Accessories. They are both in millennial pink and I am keen to attract lovely vibes and self-affirmation! I am eager to see how I can embrace the magic of rose quartz. 

I think it is important to have little happy things to make adulting more fun. They do not have to break the bank. And while you're at it, do support handmade and local! You will not regret it.  

Day 34: Lemon Bar Hopping

I had this delicious lemon bar and black coffee from SGD Coffee yesterday and it evoked feelings of warmth and familiarity. You see, the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade  does not really apply to me because I am not exactly fond of lemonade. However, I am a fan of lemon bars (or lemon squares). I have grown up eating them in coffee shops and I would like to think that it is my way of coping with what life throws at me. When times get challenging, I tend to regroup in coffee shops. I prefer third wave cafes because the coffee tends to be way better. Single origin brews inspire me to think beyond what is customary because drinking it is a quiet rebellion from the commercialism which has taken over the coffee industry. In my case yesterday, I had Sagada coffee at SGD (kind of redundant but it still works) to complement my lemon bar. I would like to think that it's bold flavor uplifted my lemon bar (which was yummy, by the way) and enabled me to think out of the box (or out of the bar in this case).

You see, I was feeling sick yesterday. There is a flu bug going around work, and I am still down with it at the moment. However, I was determined to have a relaxing Sunday with A, who was also feeling sick himself. We then checked out my new "discovery" near Maginhawa, and SGD seemed to do the trick. We felt better thanks to the strong drinks we enjoyed and the offbeat ambience. We then proceeded to the rest of our date, and we also visited new places which we have never been to before. Not bad for a couple feeling under the weather, right?  

When life gives me lemons, I eat a lemon bar. And I then think out of the bar and raise the bar. Indeed, it is in challenging times that we are driven to innovate and transcend.  

Day 23: Sammie

Smoked salmon sammie. Last night's dinner at  Italianni's  

Smoked salmon sammie. Last night's dinner at Italianni's 

The Philippines, like most of its Asian neighbors, considers rice to be a staple food. This is evident in the way the price of rice is regularly reported on the news, how rice shortages due to typhoons and economic factors stress the public out, and how "extra rice" became a cultural norm when dining out. We localize every foreign food from burgers to steak by replacing bread or potatoes with rice. Quinoa and other healthful grains are slowly taking traction. We have a thriving bread industry, thanks to our Filipino favorite, pandesal. However, rice still remains to be this country's favorite grain. To say that rice fuels our most important resource, which is the Filipino people, is definitely not an exagerration.

The predominance of rice is the reason why I believe that eating sandwiches in this country is a form of rebellion. To find true joy in a delicious combination of bread and filling goes against the norm. I can guess it is because my name is Sam and the shortened version of the word sandwich is "sammie" in some Western countries. I feel that I take ownership of this fascination and the pleasure I partake in with every sammie I enjoy is a birthright of sorts.

I am happy with grilled cheese, turkey subs, tuna with pesto, grilled vegetable paninis, kesong puti (local white cheese) with pandesal, and chicken bunwich. However, my absolute comfort food is the smoked salmon sammie. The divine combination of juicy salmon and cream cheese is like a holiday on a plate (or slab, as it was served to me last night). It makes me forget all my worries and renews my belief in the inherent goodness of humanity.

Today's brekkie situation at  Mc Donald's  

Today's brekkie situation at Mc Donald's 

For breakfast, I usually go for an Egg Mc Muffin from Mc Donald's (or Mcdo, as it is called in the Philippines). It reminds me of childhood and simpler times. However, I was in an adventurous mood this morning and I tried something from the local menu: the Cheesy Eggdesal with Sausage. It turned out to be really yummy. It is a delightful combination of pandesal, cheese, egg, and Mcdo's famous sausage. It was a warm embrace in this rainy morning.

Like the sammie in the Philippines, some people may find me different because I enjoy dining out alone, reading in public, and wearing my hair in a pixie. These are all unpopular choices in our country but I enjoy being myself. Happiness is a choice, and I live my life to be truly joyful. If it means eating a sammie everyday, then so be it. Let me be me.

Day 18: Why I Don't Write

I'm writing this entry as I am enjoying a cup of halo-halo! The definitive Filipino summer delicacy is perfect for this sunny day. It is also a sweet way to usher in ROUND TWO of my 15 Days of Writing True!  

I have learned in design thinking that repeating a process albeit in a different iteration fosters creativity. I chose to repeat my class not because I failed, but because I want to see how this journey can be taken differently. How can I enjoy a trip with another perspective? There is only one way to find out and that is by taking it all over again.  

Here's my fearless Day 1 output! 

Here's my fearless Day 1 output! 


I am here at Human Nature for their beauty fair! They have released a bronzer, lip miracle (sunflower oil-infused lip balm) and cheek tint! I have personally tested them and they are perfect for sensitive skin and everyday use. I also adore this brand as they are a social enterprise that provides employment to those who need it most. 


I can't wait to see how Round Two turns out. For now, I need to finish my halo-halo and shop for sustainable makeup.