Day 34: Lemon Bar Hopping

I had this delicious lemon bar and black coffee from SGD Coffee yesterday and it evoked feelings of warmth and familiarity. You see, the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade  does not really apply to me because I am not exactly fond of lemonade. However, I am a fan of lemon bars (or lemon squares). I have grown up eating them in coffee shops and I would like to think that it is my way of coping with what life throws at me. When times get challenging, I tend to regroup in coffee shops. I prefer third wave cafes because the coffee tends to be way better. Single origin brews inspire me to think beyond what is customary because drinking it is a quiet rebellion from the commercialism which has taken over the coffee industry. In my case yesterday, I had Sagada coffee at SGD (kind of redundant but it still works) to complement my lemon bar. I would like to think that it's bold flavor uplifted my lemon bar (which was yummy, by the way) and enabled me to think out of the box (or out of the bar in this case).

You see, I was feeling sick yesterday. There is a flu bug going around work, and I am still down with it at the moment. However, I was determined to have a relaxing Sunday with A, who was also feeling sick himself. We then checked out my new "discovery" near Maginhawa, and SGD seemed to do the trick. We felt better thanks to the strong drinks we enjoyed and the offbeat ambience. We then proceeded to the rest of our date, and we also visited new places which we have never been to before. Not bad for a couple feeling under the weather, right?  

When life gives me lemons, I eat a lemon bar. And I then think out of the bar and raise the bar. Indeed, it is in challenging times that we are driven to innovate and transcend.