I had an eventful Father's Day as my parents invited A to have lunch with us. We had hearty meals at Cafe Adriatico while having light conversation. I appreciate the fact that they invited him to have lunch with us. 

As an only child, my family has always been reserved regarding the people I would introduce to them. The fact that they have invited A is truly remarkable. I would like to think that they appreciate his care and concern towards me, especially in times that are beyond my control.  


Just when I thought that I could not ask for anything more, I had dinner with A and his family for his baby sister's 18th birthday and Father's Day. I was grateful for his invitation, and to my family for finally allowing me to meet his side. They are strict with letting me spend time with my significant's other's family so I appreciate that they are gradually letting me get to know them.  


I had the best Father's Day ever and I look forward to spending more holidays with my favorite people.