I just finished praying the rosary. It was a calming ritual after working out and eating my breakfast. I enjoyed the silence of the process. The repetitive prayers kept me on my toes, while the beads made me aware of how far along I am along with it. I must admit that somewhere in between, I would yawn and feel sleepy, especially since it is a Sunday and it is only past nine in the morning. However, I realized that mindful prayer should continue amidst the fatigue and weariness I am feeling. Prayer should be as real as it gets. It can never be a genuine conversation with a Higher Power if I quit only because I feel like snoozing for a few minutes. Picking myself up and carrying on with the prayers are part of the process. I can never give up now that I am meditating on the mysteries which are more than what I could comprehend, but can never lose faith in. Perhaps, if things get tough, I should also continue hustling instead of taking naps. It is in the process that I see wisdom at work, and it is also in the process that I find my way back to the sign that I have reached my goal for now. In the rosary's case, it is the sign of the cross. 

Amen. I have just begun my day.