Day 41: Faith and Fitness


It has been my ritual to offer eggs at St. Clare Monastery as often as I can. I try to go there weekly, and it has been helping me find my center since I have decided to let her intercede on my behalf. I have hypothyroidism, so I am dependent on keeping fit in order to have ideal blood test results. Praying at the monastery has given me hope and renewed my faith. My ideal time to visit would be after my weekend Zumba class, when traffic is nonexistent and my drive is as leisurely as it could get. The endorphins I have released post-workout also triggers my belief in a Higher Power. I offer eggs because it is my only tangible gift to an unseen intercessor. This bridges my prayers from this world to the next, and I hope that my offerings are appreciated in heaven. 

Keeping fit physically and spiritually is possible. I am dependent on rituals, and this is my personal one. It has helped me especially during those times when my faith is challenged. I also go there to give thanks. Every prayer ends with an amen , and the promise of a better day ahead.