Day 40: Balance

Yesterday was challenging because I learned that my thyroxine dosage has to be adjusted to a lesser quantity for a month. This allows my body to rest from my normal dosage and recalibrate my thyroid functionality. I was initially unhappy with this news because the smaller quantity makes me sleepy and sluggish. It was only when I exited the hospital and chanced upon patients in worse conditions that I realized how fortunate I still am. This dosage is only for a month, and it will be reverted back to my regular medication. I am only taking a break, while other patients only have a few months to live. I was worried about being sleepy, whilst other people were anxious for the fight to remain alive. It brought me back to my center, and in a way, I regained my balance.


I realized that there was no need to panic. After working out this morning, I was thankful for the new day and for the opportunity to exercise outdoors. I enjoyed my favorite fast food breakfast and indulged in a donut and coffee. I remembered how short life is, and that time is only as valuable as how we make of it. I cannot afford to live without balance, as this would defeat the purpose of living mindfully and outsmarting my hypothyroidism. Rather, it is in staying balanced that I remember how lucky I am and how far I have already gone. It is utterly senseless to just give up now.