For My Dad

Yesterday, I started with my new job. While my dad is fighting for his life at the hospital, I am beginning a new chapter in my life. I am commencing my new role as a Junior Accounts Manager in a digital marketing and tech firm in Quezon City.  

It is definitely a challenge for me to begin in an industry that I am new in. At the same time, it is the perfect opportunity for me to start again and grow during this difficult time.  


I may be criticized by my relatives and friends for working while my dad is in critical condition, but I am doing this to empower myself. I need to support myself and buy enough food to survive. 


I am doing this for my dad. I am dedicating my new job for him, as he has also worked hard to send me to school and to support me as I was growing up. Now, it’s my turn to earn and take care of him. 

I am thankful for the new job, and I hope that I can effectively contribute to the company’s growth as I also evolve as an employee.