Prayer and Luck

Yesterday, I managed to eat somewhere new! I’ve been hearing positive reviews about Sinji Dimsum at SM North Sky Garden. I ended up eating there primarily because of their interesting tiles. 


I ordered the truffle mushroom siomai rice meal and it was delicious! Their in-house garlic chili sauce perfectly spiced-up this dish.  


I sent a postcard via snail mail to one of my Human Nature online store clients after my hearty meal and coffee. Do support my entrepreneurial venture and click now to shop for natural and locally-made toiletries!


I also dropped by St. Clare Monastery to pray for good health, good vibes, and a fantastic job.  


Before going home, I chanced upon this auspicious dragon dance.  


I am optimistic for the future, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead! With a little luck and lots of prayers, I know that I got this.  

Healthier and Happier

I had salad again yesterday! I wanted to eat healthful food again, so I had the Sicilian pasta from Juju Eats for lunch. 

It was refreshingly flavorful! 


Then, I proceeded to Barkin’ Blends for some cuddle time with my furry friends. 


It was a quick but therapeutic coffee break from my responsibilities.  


After running some errands, I had dinner at Go! Salads, where I had the Sgt. Steak again. Their chimichurri dressing is addicting.  


I can’t wait to see how this healthy eating spree goes. So far, I feel fresher and more vibrant now that I’m eating salads often. With some furry therapy and a some coffee, I know that I got this.  

Reading Again

I have recently begun reading again, and it has been wonderful. I started with the book that I was asked to review a few days ago, and now I can’t stop.

I have since moved on to Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel, and yesterday, I took it with me to lunch at The Sandwich Guy. 


Ever since my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I have dropped some hobbies such as reading to give way to running errands and doing some work for him. Now that I have established a routine of sorts, I can already read novels again and enjoy a good plot.

I am thankful for new beginnings, and I can’t wait to see how these stories will influence me for the better.  

QC Foodtrip

Last Sunday, I had lunch with my high school bff Luti at the original Mister Kabab branch. 


I had yogurt shake... 


...and my favorite, special chicken chelo kabab, double ground! 


That night, I ate solo at Steak to One at Quezon Memorial Circle. It was my first time there. 


And their chicken pesto did not disappoint! 


I got to walk around the park before going home, and I must say that it looks pretty festive at night.  


It doesn’t take a lot to celebrate simple days with good food and bright lights. A visit to an old favorite, a new resto, and some Christmas lights can surely uplift oneself.  

May you also find the light that inspires you to carry on! 

Wander Space Sunday

Last Sunday, I returned to The Wander Space to look around for inspo and of course, to shop!


It’s impossible to feel sad in this place. I mean, the dream catchers simply inspire me to think of good vibes already! 


My first purchase were these 5mm circular knitting needles from stockist String Strand Strung.  


I also got these handmade onyx earrings from Made By KCA (Black + Stars? Totally me).


Lastly, I got this handmade leather slim card case from Raqsified


All of my purcheses made me want to immediately embrace my creative side, so I sat down and did some knitting.  


They also have a cafe, which I will patronize next time that I am not already full!

Their dreamy store simply makes me unwind and relax. I will be back for more wandering and shopping soon! 

Begin Again

Yesterday, I claimed my bespoke ring from Studio 925. I “drew”/doodled my design for a new ring to be made out of an old one. I believe in the importance of being eco-friendly, even when it comes to jewelry. That is why for Valentine’s Day, I decided to go to Janina for a redesigned silver ring with amethyst. 

I was excited to see the finished product, and I was overjoyed when I claimed it. It was better than what I had in mind!  

Stacked with my  Nawa rings

Stacked with my Nawa rings

If you want to feel special, you have to start with treating yourself right. Trust me, I feel better after having this ring made because I know that it is uniquely mine. I am going to add this to my Nawa rings and I am also happy that they do not clash. 

It seems that handmade is the way for me to go this year and beyond! I hope you will also consider buying handmade and from small businesses. Oh, and if you also have silver bling at home which are in need of an overhaul, bring them to Janina!

It is always better to buy something which is locally made- and not manufactured in a mechanical assembly line. 

I am beginning again this year with a handmade lifestyle and a love for all things local! I hope you will also find your own handmade finds soon. 

Loving Vincent

I watched Loving Vincent again at the UP Cine Adarna. It was a solo movie date on a weekday, and the gloomy weather set the tone for the movie. 


I had to watch it again because a) it is showing at UP Film Center this February, b) I can’t say no to Van Gogh, and c) it is a visually arresting movie.  


Here is Cine Adarna’s schedule for February 2018. Tickets are Php150 each. 


I had a lovely solo movie date. 


The seats at Cine Adarna are mall-standard and comfortable. 


I had Rodic’s tapsilog for dinner.  


And for dessert, I had fresh strawberry graham shake at Roma and Charlie. 


If you want to unwind at an affordable price, drop by Cine Adarna and eat at UP Shopping Center. It is beginning to be my favorite campus.  

Soul Flower, Co.

I dropped by the Soul Flower, Co. studio along Malingap, Quezon City to resurrect an old bling. It was good to see Janina (silversmith/designer/teacher/GirlBoss) of Studio 925 (and Soul Flower, Co. along with Pat, who is her fellow girlboss, and she teaches leathercrafting) again after almost a year. I wanted a bespoke piece and she is one of the easiest people to talk to. 

If you have old silver jewelry that needs redesigning, bring to to Janina. She’s your girl for breathing new life into your accessory game.  

Now, going back to the studio. How dreamy is their display? 


I want all these bags.  


Everything is handmade with love and design thinking.  

They also sell supplies, findings, hardware, leather, and silver! They also offer studio rental and workshops which are announced monthly on social media


I can’t wait to see the finished product!

If you want to learn silversmithing, leathercrafting, or simply want to buy handmade, do swing by the Soul Flower, Co. studio. It is an inspiring space and you will definitely find a piece to bring home with you- whether you’re into quality genuine leather or jewelry that lasts a lifetime.  

Ramen x Ice Cream with Friends

With Adam, Charlotte, and Allan

With Adam, Charlotte, and Allan

Last night, A and I got to have dinner with our Canadian friend Adam. He’s actually the boyfriend of my cousin Abby, but he has become our friend too so it was nice to catch up. He brought his colleague Charlotte with him, and she’s actually here for a few months for work. It’s always lovely to catch up with friends, especially if it’s over yummy food! 

Ajitama Tonkotsu from  Ikkoryu   

Ajitama Tonkotsu from Ikkoryu  

We had ramen at Ikkoryu, which is one of my go-to ramen places. It was my first time at their High Street branch, and I must say I like their interior design here. I had the Ajitama Tonkotsu, which is one of my comfort foods! A good bowl of ramen is magical for me. It removes bad vibes, inspires easy conversation, and just tastes delicious. 

Ketchup x mayo ice cream from  Freezer Burn  

Ketchup x mayo ice cream from Freezer Burn 

I finally got to try the ice cream at Freezer Burn. In the spirit of getting out of my comfort zone, I tried their ketchup x mayo flavor and it was weirdly delicious. I would definitely recommend it if you’re into chilled ketchup.

Stylish tags from  n/a stock  

Stylish tags from n/a stock 

We also got tags from Adam’s startup n/a stock. It made me giddy because it reminded me of that scene from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, wherein a patch with the Canadian flag was given to Anna because it will make her more likable to the French. It was definitely a YA moment for me, only it happened in BGC and not Paris haha!

It’s always a great time with people who can make us laugh out loud as we try old and new foodie favorites. Last night was good for the soul.