Film to Faith

Yesterday, I watched Jino to Mari, a Filipino indie film directed by Joselito Altarejos. It tackled poverty as a social context and the extreme choices that have to be made in order to make ends meet. Angela Cortez delivered the performance of a lifetime in this film, as she played a young mother who had to shoot a pornography film for her family. It was a heartbreaking movie that reminded me to count my blessings and appreciate the opportunities that I have. 


The movie saddened me (which was good, since that was what the director hopefully intends), so I ate the bulgogi beef rice bowl at 8Bowls Asian Kitchen. It was delicious and great value for Php99!


Later, I went to St. Clare to give thanks, pray for my intentions, and offer eggs. 


I enjoy watching indie films because they give me a glimpse of reality that commercial films don’t usually portray. Coupled with affordable but delicious food and a dash of prayer, I know that I can pursue the opportunities that are within my reach to escape the undesirable circumstances in my own life. All I have to do is act on my goals, and keep on pursuing the things that inspire me to dream. Β