Sunday Chill

Yesterday, I heard Sunday mass with my family. 


I knitted while waiting for mass to begin.  


Then, we had lunch at Pho Hoa, and I was pleasantly surprised with their pretty floor. 


Then, I watched Alone/Together starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. As someone who hangs out and jogs at UP Diliman, I appreciated the beauty of the campus on the big screen. They even ate the street food that I love on the movie! Also, they featured the National Museum and Vargas Museum, two museums that are close to my heart. I will definitely visit those two again. And I really enjoyed watching this movie because I recalled how idealistic I was then, and that it’s never too late to pursue my dreams. I’m still young after all. 


For dinner, I had the toasted naked longganisa with brown talangka rice from Breakfast Bin. 


I also had ice cream from Papa Diddi’s. I had the mango cheesecake and barako coffee scoops. They were both delicious and even complemented each other. 


Sundays are best spent with both my family and by myself. I was able to knit, eat, and watch a movie. Definitely a Sunday peg for weeks to come.