Lucas Specs

After winning a pair of Sunnies Specs from dearsunniessanta, I was able to free up my budget (consisting of monetary holiday gifts from relatives abroad) in order to buy presents for myself. This year is different because my dad has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I chose to buy gifts for my parents aside from just spending for myself, in order to cheer them up this holiday season. 

Thanks to the recent 12.12 Lazada sale, I was able to buy four pairs of Sunnies Studios sunglasses. This isn’t a sponsored post, and I bought these with my own money. 


It was satisfying to open my delivery yesterday. 


The sunnies pairs were neatly packed, and they all looked amazing! 

The top two pairs are for my parents, while the bottom two are for myself. I got them at a steal, and admittedly, that sale was fun! 


I will never forget that moment when I won those specs, and will forever be grateful. I will support the Sunnies group when I get a job soon. For now, I will rock these sunglasses with flair, and I will enjoy the holidays with my family.