Pixie Dust

Lately, I’ve been handling a lot on my plate. I have to take advantage of the short breaks that I have in each day to eat at drink coffee. 

In this case, I had the cheesy baked penne and brewed coffee from Mister Donut. This combo never fails to uplift me.  


I also got myself this door hanger from Papemelroti. A lot of people have been criticizing me for having a pixie. But I like rocking my hair this way, and I refuse to believe that I have to change my style in order to satisfy what the world wants. 

After all, the things that really matter are faith, trust, and a little pixie dust- that it factor that makes me stand out! 


And lastly, I received this eco bag from Batik Boutique, a social enterprise from Malaysia. You may say that it’s only a simple tote, but I do appreciate being acknowledged for my interest in supporting social entrepreneurs. 


One day, I will find someone who won’t ask me to grow my hair long. I will keep on attracting the right people, because I keep on promoting the things and causes that make me happy. And I will always begin and end my day with good food and coffee, as I get over each challenge with a little pixie dust.