Day 13: #30GratefulDays | Coffee with a Conscience


Yesterday was the first workday of the month, and it also meant that it was my shopping day at Human Nature, a brand which I have been supporting since 2013. I am now a Core Advocate, which means that I am not just a dealer, I am also a partner in spreading the word about their Pro-Philippines, Pro-Environment, and Pro-Poor advocacy. I patronize the brand by purchasing almost all my toiletries from them. Every purchase in their branches entitles the customer to a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and I am a fan of their local cuppa. I always bring my own mug or tumbler though, and yesterday, I brought my pink one from Craftsmith Living. As I sipped my coffee, I reflected on the years I have been supporting Human Nature and how I have switched from using imported, chemical products to all-natural, Philippine-made essentials. 


Human Nature prides itself in sourcing the best raw materials from Mother Nature. What’s more, these wonder ingredients are mostly found in the Philippines. Like the oils shown in the photo, each raw material has a purpose to heal, renew, and restore. I am a huge fan of their products as most of them are infused with sunflower oil, which is kind to my sensitive skin. From sleeping with their sunflower oil on my face to using baby lotion with the same oil, I am making sure that my skin only receives the best care from the brand’s organic items. 

I am using Human Nature products even when I am jobless. They have affordable price points so I can still enjoy using my essentials even when I am on a budget. I am glad that I am also able to relax at home with my favorite spa-quality products like their body scrub and cooling gel.

Indeed, there is no need to splurge for natural products. Human Nature has given me the best local essentials which are kind to my skin, wallet, and social conscience. I get to have a cuppa or two as well after shopping. Coffee with a conscience has never been more in style.