Day 7: Word Yearn

1. There has to be a word for the high I feel after cardio. How my reluctance to even move has been replaced by superhuman radiance, and how my skin even glows at that.  


2. There has to be a word for how coffee revives not just my sleepy self, but my soul as well. How my ideas converge as the caffeine flows through my veins. How my neurons burst with processing my life as I know it and how I will interact with the world today. How coffee just keeps me eager to fight even when my battles feel so futile to others. And when I win, I still have coffee because I want to feel the rush all over again. 


Enjoy this cutie at Commune!☕️ 

Enjoy this cutie at Commune!☕️ 

3. There has to be a word for the bliss I feel whenever I work alone in the morning. My best ideas pop up whenever I tackle tasks first thing in the day. I want a word for how I just enjoy this solo working state, because it makes me look forward to being in it again and again.  

4. There has to be a word for the feeling of being beautiful whenever I'm with the one I love. 

5. There has to be a word for the triumph of finding a book you want in a sea of options in a bookstore or library. How amidst shelves and shelves of books you just find a promising gem which could potentially move you. And how not purchasing it is just a sin, because it is like letting go of inspiration which was practically handed over to you by the muses.