Day 95: Opening Up


Being on a diet is already a walk in the park for me. I am already used to it, so I intuitively know which food to avoid. I also know my portions so I do not have to be a control freak all the time. When the weekend comes, I am embracing my cheat days with enthusiasm and an open mind. Like today, I had mango cream pie gelato for dessert. It was amazing to finally have a sweet treat. It also reminded me of mango cream pie from Red Ribbon, which was a staple during my childhood. Because I opened my mind and avoided negativity today, I had a nostalgic sweet ending to a lovely meal. Same goes with life. If I am more open to new experiences and opportunities, then I can be surprised by the good things that will come my way. I am letting life lead me by the hand. Who knows, I may even have a dessert to remember.