Day 86: Pasalubong


Bringing pasalubong is customary in Philippine culture. These are small goodies from abroad, or even from local vacations. I usually bring some treats for A and my close friends. Today, I was overjoyed to receive pasalubong from Chesca, one of my closest childhood friends. She has recently visited Japan, and these goodies were a pleasant surprise in this stormy day. 


I am touched because she also remembered my magnet collection. I already put it on my magnetic board, a memento from a friend's happy trip.


Today's post-workout breakfast consists of strawberry KitKat, two wasabi crackers, and a piece of biscotti from San Francisco. My meal was a cross-cultural trip. I am grateful for the biscotti from my aunt in SanFo. It is truly remarkable how our loved ones never forget us even when they are miles away.