Day 76: Dates Do Matter


A and I needed a break from the recent stressful events we have undergone so we booked a day trip to Corregidor, the World War II military island. We are both history geeks and while we have both visited the island already, a repeat would not hurt. We also wanted to experience the tour together, and it was a memorable one. 


We bonded during the ferry ride to the island, and we took several pictures all throughout the day. I appreciated A's patience with me as I am not the easiest person to be with. He thoroughly explained to me how the guns and weapons worked and supplemented our tour guide's script. We also got to enjoy our first lighthouse together. 

We had an amazing Sunday and I can really attest that dates do matter. Book a trip with your loved one, even if it is just a day trip. I guarantee you that the pictures, the memories, and the company will be worth it.