Day 36: Solo, Not Lonely

It has happened again today. My privacy has been intruded again. I have reported it already to the proper authorities. I have also chosen to keep a low profile. Instead of wallowing in pain, I trooped to the chapel and prayed the rosary. I got coffee to go and ate in peace- until I got called out for doing so. 

I have hypothyroidism, which means that I have to be on a diet all my life. To prevent myself from bingeing or cheating on my diet, I have trained myself to eat alone. Unfortunately, Filipino society is generally unaccustomed to this. Solo diners, especially solo female diners, are branded as "loners". This upsets me a lot, because a) I'm an only child and eating solo is perfectly normal for me, b) I have a health condition which requires me to religiously follow my diet and c) people should just mind their own business. I use my breaks to read and listen to music. 

I feel that being "required" to eat with everyone else is totally unnecessary. Given my health condition, it is impractical to expose myself to rice meals which are not the best nutritional option for me. I am also saving money, and by not joining others, I am spared from vacation and shopping plans. I also tend to focus on the important things, because I read while eating alone and plan the day or week ahead. This is why I will always be an advocate of eating solo. We should never put down those who dine by their lonesome. Being without anyone else does not equate to loneliness. And Filipinos should get used to that.