Day 59: Miracle Baby


Sixteen years ago, a miracle happened to me. My eyes became clear. My eye prescription was 650/700, so you can just imagine how bad my vision was without glasses or contact lenses. After a family trip to Lourdes, France, I woke up one morning being able to read the time on the clock across my bedroom.  

The miracle became too much to handle. Of course, I could not believe that it was happening to me. I even tried wearing my glasses a few days after that fateful morning. The weird thing was I could still see clearly with my prescription glasses on. But the best part was seeing everything with clarity without my specs on. 

Until now, when I try my old glasses on, I can still see clearly with them. But really, I am eternally thankful for my miracle and that my eyesight is still 20/20 today. I occasionally wear glasses with transition lenses to protect my eyes when I am working in front of my PC. However, nothing makes life more meaningful than reflecting on my amazing miracle which I still enjoy at the present time.

I went to mass today and said the rosary at my university's oratory. There are days when my miracle feels so real, and this morning, I was extra thankful to see everything in HD. I said thank you and prayed for clarity not just with my eyesight, but in all aspects of my life. After all, a well-lived life can only be experienced when perceived with wisdom and guidance.