Day 50: Shift


I have already been eating regular food for more than a week now, and I can say that I am coping well. I have been consuming only a half cup of rice per meal, and I make sure to incorporate fruits and vegetables into my diet. Take this morning for example. I had salted egg, tomato, a half cup of garlic rice and a fresh coconut (not pictured). It was filling, healthful, and still tasty. I alternate salted egg with regular sunny side up, and the protein keeps me energized until lunch. The carbs are essential to keep me going. I do not deprive myself or skip meals. Rather, I just observe proper portions and nutrition. 

The same goes with my life. I used to complain a lot but now I am more free-flowing and chill. I realized that complaining can increase my stress levels and just make me more resentful. By being more placid and cool, I can think clearer and plan carefully. The shift in thinking is not easy, so mindfulness is a key ingredient in this journey. All I have to do is to focus on the goal to be more chill and just slide into the day. The journey remains the same, but my attitude makes it better.