It is my first day without my diet delivery service, and I feel free. I have been with them for three years. I can say that I have already gotten used to the proper portions for my needs, and I can easily replicate it in real life. I may not cook, but I can be resourceful in buying my food.  

Hypohyroidism has taught me to think out of the box. I understand that I have to observe self-control in order to have a better quality of life, and it is always easier said than done. Working out at 4:30am everyday is not a walk in the park, but I do  it anyway. When it comes to food, eating a single egg and half cup of rice for breakfast may not be satisfying, but it works. A sandwich may not be the most exciting thing to look forward to, but I make it an event by incorporating my reading during my break. That way, my meals do not become a chore which will make me cheat on my diet. 

Self-control also applies in my interests. I no longer go out that much because alcohol makes me hyperacidic (and since I have hypothyroidism, alcohol makes me bloated). I read inspiring books because life is too short for questionable material. I listen to music that moves me because I want my playlist to wake me up, especially now that my reduced thyroxine dosage is driving me insanely sleepy. I no longer succumb to endeavors without a purpose. Mindfulness is a must for my condition. Luckily, it is something that transcends my health and also stabilizes other factors in my life.  

I may be free from my diet service, but I am responsible now for my own food. I have to observe mindful eating in order to achieve optimal health and hopefully, to improve my thyroid blood test results. I look forward to easing my way to better health through mindful and purposeful living.