Day 3: Friday, I'm in Love

In tennis, love means zero. In my life, love means going beyond respect. I respect my words and this entails fulfilling my dream of putting up my blog. After years of saving up for it, I finally bought a domain name and an annual subscription to a website-building service. This dream finally came true this week, as a result of hard work and a lot of courage from my Braver Goals course and #15DaysOfWritingTrue family.

Today's entry for my #15daysofwritingtrue Day 5 assignment

Today's entry for my #15daysofwritingtrue Day 5 assignment

Having my own website does not end there. The real work has just begun and I'm determined to produce at least one blog entry a day. I am committed to doing so as I have commenced my own 100 Day Project, which means that I have to create something for the next 100 days. I chose writing as my main medium and since I also do creative journaling, I will throw that in the mix too. As long as I can write a blog entry each day, I'm honoring my promise to myself not just for the next 100 days, but for as long as I have words to say and thoughts to share.

It has been said that we should not ridicule other people's dreams, because we all have our own motivations to succeed in life. This website is mine. Like my domain name, it is my note to self to speakoutsam. 

I hope that that inspires you to also fulfill your own dream!