Day 17: Everyday Storytelling

Everyday is a potential story! 

Everyday is a potential story! 

I am done with my first writing course, the #15DaysOfWritingTrue. It was bittersweet because when I began the course a fortnight ago, I did not have this blog yet. In fact, I only had my personal Facebook and Instagram pages. However, I realized that it has been my longtime dream to have a blog of my own. I then resolved to make this happen and I decided to use my course assignments as my initial content. 

I did not expect this course to take me to places, so to speak. In fact, I did not expect anything at all. Little did I know that it would be the perfect catalyst in developing my writing voice, my discipline, and even my drive. It also motivated me to join another writing class, the Writing Room.  

The best takeaway that I have from this course is that each day is an opportunity to have a new story. I think that is the main essence of creativity, which is essential in these times of uncertainty and fast-paced technology. What makes us truly human is how we are able to create our own stories and share them to the world. It is up to us if we will allow the tide of the tale to wash us over or if we will take the lead. 

Be brave and take the lead in your own story. You will be surprised with your own abilities and there will definitely be unexpected twists to spice up your adventure!