Day 13: Finally, Speakoutsam

Task for Writing Room: Introducing Myself


My name is Sam, and I was born on the 13th of August. I am 30 years old now, but I feel a lot younger than my years. I started blogging again after attending a goal-setting workshop. I realized that writing is my lifelong love, and my passion project is to have my own website. I rediscovered my voice through the #15DaysofWritingTrue and Writing Room classes. I also have my own 100 Days Project, which is my personal commitment to publish a blog entry everyday for 100 days. Of course, I want to continue my writing journey beyond that time frame.


I want my blog to showcase my advocacy, which is social entrepreneurship. I am also passionate about mindful living, and I am dedicated to enjoying food, books, and experiences more than material things.

I am currently a Program Officer in a university in Manila. I am an only child, and in a serious relationship with my best friend from college. I am addicted to The Beatles, classical music, and coffee.

Finally, it's time to speakoutsam!