Innovating Myself

A few days ago, I attended the Innovator’s DNA Coffee Collab at the new HiFI Campus at the College of St. Benilde. I learned that the quality of the innovation is based on the condition of the disruptor. Having reflected on the discussion we had, I realized that I have a long way to go to be an innovator in this rapidly-changing world. But at 33, I am still hungry to learn and grow.

They say that it is never too late to follow one’s passion. As a writer and blogger, I get to attend various conferences where the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR or 4IR) is discussed. I went to school and graduated with a Humanities degree, but I ended up working in finance and risk management. To say that I veered away from my degree in the workplace is an understatement. However, it is only now that I am my own boss that I realized that I did not stay far from my degree after all.

My liberal arts education has helped me analyze and think critically in an age where specialization and practical skills are in focus. My drive to innovate has also led me to attend seminars, conferences, and learning opportunities. And amidst all the books I have read and conversations I have started, I know by now that I can never fully be an innovator unless I trust the process and surrender myself to the will of God.


To help myself in this journey to maximizing my skills and increasing my chances of succeeding in the current labor landscape, I have decided to answer the activity we have been assigned to during the Innovator’s DNA event. I had a buddy during that time, and he was an interesting conversationalist and professor. Now that I am accomplishing this assignment on my own, I hope that I will be inspired to never stop learning, and to find ways to reinvent myself in a limitless technological atmosphere.

  1. What personal experience or journey brought you here, into your current role?

    I have been blogging for two years now, and I use my website to share the insights that I have learned throughout my learning and creative journey.

  2. What issues or challenges are you confronted with?

    I am currently recovering from the recent passing of my father from a terminal illness. I am also looking for a corporate job while finishing my freelance projects.

  3. What about your current situation (work/personal life) frustrates you the most?

    I am frustrated by the bullying I have received on dating apps. Guys there would call me “lesbian” and other derogatory terms just because I sport a pixie (no offense to gays and lesbians. There’s nothing wrong about being gay, but I’m straight.). I am also struggling to find a good man to date in real life because I am not the conventional Filipino woman. I have short hair, I think independently, and yet I am still a devout Catholic. Most of my friends are discouraging me from dating because I am disappointed with the dating pool. I refuse to give up, though.

  4. What are your most important sources of energy and happiness in your work and life?

    I enjoy knitting and crocheting. Those two hobbies keep my hands busy as I feed my mind through books and podcasts.

  5. Watch yourself from above (as if in the helicopter). What are you doing? What are you trying to do in this stage of your journey as an innovator?

    I am blogging, attending conferences, listening to podcasts, reading, and networking.

  6. Watch our collective journey from above: what are you trying to do collectively in the present stage of your collective journey?

    We are all trying to connect with each other and hoping that these connections can go beyond social media and into real-life conversations that can spark lasting change.

  7. Given previous questions, what do you now need to ask yourself?

    What if you fly?

  8. Imagine if you could fast forward to the very last days of your life, when it is time for you to move on. Now look back on your journey as a whole, What would you want to see at that moment? What footprint do you want to leave behind?

    I want to see the exact moment when I decided to give myself the chance to learn more so that I can innovate in the age of the FIR.

  9. Now return to the present and crystallize what it is that you want to create, your vision and intention for the next 3 months to 3 years. What are the essential core elements of the future that you want to create in your personal, professional, and social life? Describe as concretely as possible.

    3 months- I want to be a graduate of a short course that can increase my chances of getting employed by equipping me with the latest technological and soft skills.

    3 years- I want to be a manager in a company that enables me to communicate to others and provide empathy to our stakeholders. Also, I hope to be settled with a partner or husband while still continuing my learning journey.

  10. What would you have to let go of in order to bring your vision to reality? What is the old stuff that must die? What is the old skin (behaviors, assumptions, mental models, etc.) that you need to shed?

    My fear of failure, my limiting belief, and my fear of technology.

  11. Who have been your “guardian angels” and helpers in your journey and who do you need as helpers in your future journey as an innovator?

    I am blessed to have my family and best friends who believe in me when I tend to put myself down. In the future, I hope to have a supportive boss and husband who can help me maximize my skills. Most of all, I must never cease to give myself a seat on the table.

I am ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. For now, I will take this learning journey one day at a time, as I innovate to be the best version of myself!