13 Vacation Lessons

I recently went on vacation with my maternal relatives from the US. I rarely go on holiday as I usually prioritize my career, so it was a refreshing change for me. I got to spend quality time with family that I rarely see, and I also discovered some lessons which I have learned by simply going to a new location (in my case, it was two: Boracay and Coron!).

  1. Knitting and crochet (as pictured) while on holiday is a luxurious experience. Any hobby in fact, when executed on a vacation, is simply magical.

  2. Podcasts make the journey (long waits in airports anyone?) bearable.

  3. It is never wrong to ask questions.

  4. Souvenirs, when done sparingly, are not tacky at all.

  5. Leave seashells and natural resources behind.

  6. Take as many pictures as you can.

  7. Time is precious. Make the most out of it by planning ahead. Yes, bring a notebook or planner on vacation!

  8. Sunblock is my new BFF.

  9. Lipstick and blush are all you need on vacay.

  10. Church should still be a priority while on holiday.

  11. Coffee is delicious, so finding local cafes is a must!

  12. Handmade purchases are always the best souvenirs.

  13. Investment pieces show their value while in the middle of trying situations, such as bumpy rides, flight delays, and long walks under the sun.