Stitch and Sponsor

There are simple ways for me to truly feel blessed. One of them is child sponsorship. I have been sponsoring this girl’s education for twelve years now. It feels amazing that I get to change one life’s trajectory, even in my own small way. 


I also feel blessed whenever I knit. I am thankful for the yarn that I turn into scarves, such as this chunky cowl that I made while attending meetings and focus group discussions this past week. I keep my hands busy by knitting while showing up to discussions that not only sustain me, but also enrich my life. 

When I keep myself going and thriving, I feel as if I can embrace my true self after all and conquer each day with a gratitude mindset.  


By stitching and sponsoring, I get to share my blessings and skill while living my best life. It is up to me to continue doing so, and these two passions inspire me to continue working and simply showing up everyday.