Passing It On


I received a thank you card from my World Vision sponsored child. J is now a teenager, and she’s an honor student. I am proud of my girl, and sponsoring her has given me a sense of purpose through the years. Even if jobhunting and freelance work has been challenging, I still feel determined because my advocacy for child sponsorship has given my earnings more significance. 

Twelve years of child sponsorship has given me an appreciation for my work, blessings, and voice. I am thankful to have made an impact in a child’s life. She inspires me to continue job hunting and writing stories. She may be thanking me for a gift that I sent to her last Christmas, but I’m really the grateful one. Because of her, I am motivated to create a better life for myself, so that I can continue sharing my blessings with her.  

I hope that you will also consider child sponsorship with World Vision today!