Lately, we’ve been having water interruptions in our city. We have adjusted to the schedules, and in my case, changed my lifestyle to ensure that I am able to keep up with the shortages. I make sure that I have enough water to keep myself clean and hydrated. Our household is doing its best to live with dignity amidst the status quo. 


This was why the lunch celebration we had to celebrate an uncle’s birthday yesterday was a welcome relief from the challenges we are facing. It was held in Amici, where I had this delicious plate of Spaghetti Pomodoro. I loved it, and I’ll order it again when I’m in the restaurant soon. 

Life may throw many challenges my way, but I’m strong enough to face them and keep my family afloat. They are simply tests to strengthen my faith and keep me going. For now, I will keep on hustling, fighting, and collecting enough water for the next few days and weeks.