Knitting Pink

I continued knitting after missing it for a while. I have been dealing with adulting lately, and crochet has proved to be a quicker craft to provide faster results. However, there is something deeply satisfying about knitting that brings me joy. Even finishing a simple beanie the other day has sparked a love for knitting which brings be back to my Banaue trip last February

I have come a long way since learning how to knit earlier this year. I still prefer knitting without a pattern, but I like seeing my growth as I process my thoughts, one stitch at a time. Being a knitter has allowed me to have conversations with myself while making scarves and beanies. And as I finished this bright pink beanie, I was able to make peace with myself. I was able to forgive myself too.  

Consider knitting as a hobby! It is great for thinking things through and reflecting on your life. It is also an excellent craft to take along with you. I bring my works in progress to events and it has helped me focus too. Do it for yourself, and start searching for tutorials or workshops today. You won’t regret it.