Naked Burrito Thoughts

Yesterday, I tried the adobo flakes naked burrito at Army Navy for the first time. It was actually delicious! It also somehow matched the book I was reading, as our heroes are a product of a mixed culture. My burrito was a combination of Mexican and Filipino flavors, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was exactly what I needed at that time. It was filling and satisfying. I will definitely have it again.


Later during the day, I enjoyed a traditional Filipino hilot or massage at a native spa. Again, I was surprised that I liked it. After months of continuous Thai massages, it felt relaxing to have a uniquely Filipino way of relieving pain. My post-workout pains melted away in no time, thanks to my hilot session.


Sometimes, I just need to try something new- or return or an old tradition. Either way, I get to feel facets of my authentic self while assimilating them with what I have learned so far. As I explore ways of nourishing myself and relaxing after a long day, I hope that I will continue living a meaningful life. Purpose does not end in learning, it also has to be lived. I am keen on doing both, in order to say that my life in indeed a purposeful one.