Fit and Faithful

I usually spend my mornings working out at my local park. The other day, I chose to have breakfast at Tropical Hut, where I had their omelette and coffee. 


For lunch, I went to Pancake House for their corned beef hash and rice.  


I had some time in between commitments, so I was able to swing by St. Clare Monastery for some prayer and thanksgiving.  


I was also able to try Maxi Mango’s famous mango float from Davao. I was lucky enough to catch their pop-up at Trinoma. The long lines were worth it! It was a delicious dessert, and I really hope that they will have a permanent spot in Manila someday.  


I wrapped up my day with dinner and a belated birthday gift from a family friend. 


I stick to my fitness, food, and faith routine because it works for me. It also provides balance to my life, now that I am working freelance and blogging on the side. I am looking for a permanent job too, and it helps to align my goals as I follow a working routine. Here’s to better opportunities to come as I carry on with my daily schedule!