Crochet and Coffee

I’ve been crocheting, eating, and sipping coffee for the past few days. It has been a relaxing routine to balance my workouts.  

This was Breakfast Bin’s adobo with egg and talangka rice. 


For dessert, I had Papa Diddis’ cheese and coffee ice cream. 


And yesterday’s lunch was at UCC. I had their famous rice casserole with curry hamburg. 


I capped off my meal with my usual kori kohi. 


Living simply does not mean that I have to have a boring life. I still enjoy the food that I crave for and I manage to carry on with my handmade lifestyle. I believe that the secret to my resilience is that I know what my priorities are. For as long as I have good food and yarn to work with, I know that I will have joy in my life. I hope that you will also find yours!