Waterproof Willpower

Yesterday, I worked out again despite the rain. I realized that I am determined to burn calories even if there’s a storm. 

Indeed, my willpower is waterproof.


I manage to motivate myself even in difficult circumstances like storms. In fact, I even watched a movie and rewarded myself with a delicious shawarma rice bowl from Persian Avenue. 


I later joined my family to attend the wake of one of my grand aunts at Pampanga. I got to bond with my cousin Lauren’s dog Rogue, who was such a sweetheart.


And I also got to catch-up with cousins Lauren and Jean. 


The church at Minalin, Pampanga had these beautiful doors. I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with them. 


Having waterproof willpower helps in keeping myself going, no matter the circumstances. I am excited to apply this to my career, and I look forward over seeing the blessings pour into my life in the process!