AIM Masterclass

I was invited to attend the 4.0: - 4th Industrial Revolution and Development Management Masterclass at the Asian Institute of Management yesterday. 

I learned that yesterday’s solutions are today’s problems in developing countries. An example of which is the sachet economy, which was introduced decades ago to give the poor access to shampoo and other basic needs. However, sachets are non-biodegradable and have become landfill problems in the past years. Now, companies are challenged to come up with solutions to this problem. An example of which is the option for refillable bottles. 


I also learned that emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility, and creativity are currently the most in-demand skills in business. 


As the 4th Industial Revolution draws near, the challenge is for us to come up with ways to apply these skills in order to be indispensable in the workplace. 


I also crocheted while listening to the lectures.  


The class was concluded with a hearty lunch and dessert.  


I make sure that my blog remains current and true to my interests and values. Blogging has given me a venue to use technology to my advantage. Because of my blog, I get industry exposure through events and seminars. I also get to share my thoughts, and connect to people. Real human connections require creative thinking, and this can never be replaced by machines. I am eager to witness the changes in business and technology, and I can promise you that for every new development, I will continue to speakoutsam!