Handcrafted you Harl’s

I am happy with my new handbag by Philippine social enterprise Handcrafted by Harl’s. They employ PWD’s to make leather goods by hand (cut, punch, and stitch). They do not have a catalog as they constantly update their on-hand inventory based on the available leather, and they never make the same bag twice as they are fond of using rough or rugged-finish leather. Each bag or wallet has unique markings and scratches which give them a distressed, vintage finish. 


My unlined handbag is perfect for my petite frame. It is roomy enough to hold my daily essentials, but still structured enough to make me look polished. The vintage look is something that will definitely improve with age. 


I was personally assisted by Harl and his wife, Sheila. My ordering process was quick and seamless. They were also helpful with my queries, as they do not have a catalog and I was only referring to the information they provided to make me decide which bag to pick. 


I am happy with my new bag and it is really beautifully made. It matches all my outfits and I can see that it has been designed well. I hope that you will also consider buying a bag from Harl (just message him via Facebook or Instagram) and other social enterprises in the near future! You will be able to empower others while getting something made with so much love.