Big Bad Wolf

Last Thursday, I was fortunate to have the time and opportunity to attend the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair. I went there during lunch time, so I was able to buy food from the catering booth within the premises. After a hearty meal, I was energized to hunt for books to add to my collection. 


Despite having attended several book fairs in the past, I was still overwhelmed with the volume of books available at the fair. 


The price points were pocket-friendly! 


I was tempted to hoard, but I intentionally did not get a cart so I could avoid doing so. Instead, I decided to buy one from every genre in mind.  


That did not stop me though from perusing aisle after aisle of beautiful books!


As always, it was heartwarming to see many Filipinos buy books in fairs like this one.  


There was a short queue to the cashiers.  


This handwritten sign caught my attention. So true!


In the end, I paid for five books. One from art, self-help, adult coloring books, food, and fiction. 


I spend Php1,250 for five books. Not bad at all! I celebrated this with a latte (not pictured) and a butterscotch blonde from Where’s Marcel


If Big Bad Wolf will return to Manila, I will definitely be back! It was a fun, value-for-money experience. Here’s to more books and unforgettable reading-related events!