Remembering My Name

The past month has been incredibly challenging. My schedule has been hectic, so I tended to forget myself when I’m busy with errands or tasks. It was a good thing that I finally received my order for this bespoke necklace with my blog name on it. 

I have coined up “speakoutsam” back in uni. I needed a new gmail address, so I came up with it, and the rest is history.  


I’ve always received compliments for my email address, and it eventually became my Instagram handle and blog url. I’ve embraced it through the years, and I took it to heart too- as I do so here on my blog, where I can speakoutsam everyday!


Remembering my name has enabled me to be strong amidst trials, to walk tall even when I’m scared, and to care for myself even when I’m exhausted.  


Eating right is indeed a form of self-care, and this plate of chicken chelo kabab from Mister Kabab has perked me up.

So friends, whenever you are down, a personalized item and a hearty meal always does the trick! Try it and see the difference this combo can make.