It can be difficult to stay thankful in the midst of challenges. I am currently facing some difficulties, but I am able handle them in a task-based manner. I treat each task as an assignment, and I prioritize them according to importance. 


Still, there are days when I find it hard to be grateful, but a simple moment can change that. 

I was able to eat brunch with my family, and I got to knit while waiting from my order. I was thankful that we were complete and that we had time to eat together. I was happy that I had yarn on my needles and stitches to pass time away. And I was humbled by how simple things are, if only I could break each challenge down to its basic element. 

I will continue to find ways to be thankful amidst these challenging times. I will continue knitting too, and hopefully that would always help me notice that each challenge can be processed better after a few stitches.