Body Love


Recently, I’ve been getting body shamed for gaining weight. First of all, I tell people that I have hypothyroidism. They can research it online to understand my condition. My weight isn’t something I can control, but I try to manage it with daily exercise and a proper diet.  

I can say that for someone with hypothyroidism, I’m looking fine! 


Body shaming is something that we should stop once and for all. Rather than focusing on one’s weight, we must look for factors to compliment. Traits like intelligence, generosity, and substance must be given more importance than weight.

I hope that when you have the urge to body shame someone, you will think of people like me who struggle with it, but do our best to win at life. And if ever you get body shamed, do know that there is nothing shameful about you. Just smile, and tell people that they are being rude. And try to make your day better with a workout and a healthy meal!