Day 19: Rationality

Yesterday, I was lucky to have been given the chance to attend the 30th Anniversary Symposium of the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of the Philippines Diliman. I was invited by my BFF Jay, who is a noted academic and scientist. I enjoyed the talks, especially the one by Dr. Ma. Cynthia Bautista on “Science and the Humanities”.

I have noticed that all the talks highlighted that innovation is necessary for scientific education to thrive. I was happy to hear from Dr. Bautista that imagination is the important factor shared by those in the humanities and in science. By having scientists with a humanities background, innovation can spark in a rational field. And by attending this symposium, I am encouraged to grow in an industry such as finance, because my humanities background can help me excel. I can also apply my design thinking approach in order to have empathy for my target market and provide solutions to their problems while supporting the data and research at hand. 

I was happy to catch up with my BFF over lunch and coffee. I have recently made some major decisions in my life, and it is always good to have a wise friend to talk to.

I had my blood test for my hypothyroidism shortly afterwards. 

After an interesting symposium, coffee date, and blood test, I went to the hospital chapel (which I have never visited before!) to have some quiet time with God. Rationality may help me overcome the challenges at hand, but it is my faith in God which strengthens me whenever I doubt myself. I know that He is still my boss, so I have to follow what I think is best for me, in accordance to His will. I prayed for a fantastic blood test result and continuous self-improvement for myself.  

Of course, I also hope that I can apply what I have learned today in my life, blog, career, and goals. I am ready to innovate and I know that with some creativity and imagination, I will go a long way for as long as I will never overanalyze things.